The enter­prise

Innova­tive from experience

Our company history begins with the founding of a start-up above a fast-food chain restau­rant in Rosen­heim, Upper Bavaria. That may sound trivial today. Back then, it was a bold move – in a city not exactly known as the hub of the tech world, and at a time long before the term “start-up” became a part of every­day language. Three decades later, our headquar­ters are located in Nußdorf am Inn, and a small team has turned into more than 70 employees. Our sustained success is based on attri­bu­tes which we realise with a passion: Flexi­bi­lity, agility, and flat hierar­chies as drivers of innovation.

Our managing directors

Foto Geschäftsführer Peter Schindecker Formware GmbH

Peter Schin­de­cker

Peter Schin­de­cker has been with us from the begin­ning. Since 2000, he has been a member of the execu­tive board and respon­si­ble for opera­tion of the compu­ting centre as well as IT security. As vice-chair­man of Stell­werk 18, a digital business incuba­tor in Rosen­heim, he is excel­lently networked and mainta­ins close contacts with various univer­si­ties in Germany and Austria.
Foto Thomas Pawlowski Leiter Vertrieb bei Formware

Thomas Pawlow­ski

Thomas Pawlow­ski joined Formware in 2009 as a project manager. In 2015 he took over the manage­ment of sales and since the begin­ning of 2023 he has been a member of the manage­ment. He has also been managing direc­tor of our subsi­diary, Dialog­Bird GmbH, since 2020. The addition to his family, running and his passion for electric mobility provide the appro­priate balance to every­day life.

Nadine Przyhod­nik

Nadine Przyhod­nik joined Formware in 2013 and took over as Head of Human Resour­ces and Adminis­tra­tion shortly after­wards. At the end of 2019, she was appoin­ted autho­ri­zed signa­tory. In this dual role, she keeps an eye on both the people and the figures in the company. To recharge her batte­ries, she travels to the far corners of the world with her family.

Our team leaders

Foto Anton Papp

Anton Schil­lin­ger

System Manage­ment

Foto Christina Dandlberger

Chris­tina Dandlberger

Project Manage­ment

Foto Christian Raspe

Chris­tian Raspe

Appli­ca­tion Management

Foto Marcus Schwankl

Marcus Schwankl

Document Prepa­ra­tion

Foto Markus Kornprobst

Markus Kornpro­bst


Foto Matthias Determeyer

Matthias Deter­meyer

Product Manage­ment

Foto Andreas Andres

Thomas Andres