Connext Loop | Corpo­rate design with an indivi­dual touch

Connext Loop allows marke­ting materi­als to be custo­mi­zed easily and quickly. The user-friendly web-to-publish platform enables your subsi­dia­ries, specia­list dealers and franchi­sees to adapt centrally created templa­tes to their own requi­re­ments while comply­ing with corpo­rate design at all times.

Central creation

Decen­tra­li­zed adaptation

Digital Asset Management

Via the browser appli­ca­tion, provide centrally designed templa­tes for editing.

Employees and partners can edit templa­tes indivi­du­ally within the defined framework

Import documents as well as image and video files in just a few clicks.

Consis­tent design with a lot of freedom 

Central creation of templates

Connext Loop allows integra­tion of templa­tes from Adobe InDesign into Connext Layout Studio, as well as defini­tion of edita­ble areas and font format­ting. Via the browser appli­ca­tion, you can then provide the graphic templa­tes for editing.

  • High degree of creative freedom
  • Corpo­rate design compli­ance at all times
  • Consis­tent brand appearance with an indivi­dual touch

… and decen­tra­li­zed adaptation

Your employees and partners can edit templa­tes you provide via the intui­tive browser appli­ca­tion to suit speci­fic needs and local conditions.

  • Indivi­dual editing of layout modules
  • Archi­ving at the Formware compu­ting centre
  • Speci­fi­ca­tion of release proces­ses as needed
  • High-resolu­tion print file in just a few clicks


An integra­ted digital asset manage­ment system (DAM) allows you to import documents as well as image and video files in just a few clicks, and make them available to your employees and partners as needed.

  • Automa­tic recogni­tion of all common graphic formats
  • Central metadata storage for all imports
  • Optio­nal assign­ment of user roles