Services for indus­try and commerce

Icon Dokumentenentwicklung

Document produc­tion

Benefit from digital trans­for­ma­tion in the area of your output manage­ment too, and save time and money with innova­tive tools.

Icon Entgeltabrechnung

Payroll accoun­ting

We help you make the produc­tion and dispatch of payroll state­ments effici­ent, relieve your employees and reduce costs.

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Custo­mer communications

We help you respond to custo­mer inqui­ries automa­ti­cally, and meet local requi­re­ments with your marke­ting materials.

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of compa­nies still dispatch payroll state­ments by post.

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of retail­ers see themsel­ves as laggards in the digitiza­tion trend.

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of Germans expect compa­nies to be constantly accessible.

Document produc­tion

Icon Outputmanagement

Output manage­ment 4.0

Digitiza­tion is revolu­tio­ni­zing indus­try and commerce, thereby offering numerous oppor­tu­ni­ties for sustainable business develo­p­ment. Benefit from digital trans­for­ma­tion also in the produc­tion and dispatch of documents in large volumes. Our offers cover the entire range of services related to innova­tive output management:

  • Fully automa­ted postal dispatch based on digital tools
  • Digital dispatch via e‑mail / De-Mail or download from the Mobile View web portal
  • Perso­na­li­zed approach and indivi­dual control of supplements
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Icon E-Rechnung

E‑invoices to encou­rage payments

Accele­rate payment proces­ses and increase process security through invoice proces­sing free of media discon­ti­nui­ties. Electro­nic shipping via ZUGFeRD, EDIFACT and XInvoice makes it possible:

  • Easy transi­tion
  • Savings in costs of material and postage
  • Automa­tic posting in the accoun­ting system
  • Automa­tic archiving

Payroll accoun­ting

Icon Entgeltabrechnung

Quick and easy dispatch of payroll statements

Sending payroll state­ments at the end of the month is a regular, major effort for many compa­nies. Printing, envelo­ping and franking consu­mes a lot of time, paper and, ultim­ately, cash. We provide you with the right tools to make this proce­dure a thing of the past:

  • Automa­tion of the classi­cal postal channel
  • Digital dispatch via e‑mail / De-Mail or as download from the Mobile View web portal.
  • Access with smart­phone, tablet or computer.
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Custo­mer communications

Icon Sprechblasen

Automa­tic proces­sing of custo­mer enquiries

Optimize your custo­mer service and remain available to your custo­mers around the clock. Dialog Bird, Formware’s chatbot, answers questi­ons promptly and provi­des documents such as invoices or delivery slips if needed. Dialog Bird thus relie­ves your custo­mer service staff while offering the highest level of user-friend­li­ness: No sign-up or log-in, instead intui­tive handling in detail
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Icon Kommunikation

Fulfilm­ent of local requirements

Local markets have diffe­rent demands. Enable your branch offices to take this into account without compro­mi­sing corpo­rate design. Connext Loop allows marke­ting materi­als to be custo­mi­zed easily and quickly, and trans­fer­red for printing. The user-friendly web-to-print platform makes it possi­ble to adapt centrally created templa­tes to speci­fic requi­re­ments while ensuring a uniform appearance.