Services for insurers and finan­cial service providers

Data security

At our certi­fied compu­ting centre, we store and manage your data accord­ing to the highest security standards.

Process optimiz­a­tion

We support you in optimi­zing inter­nal proces­ses, provi­ding data quickly, and managing dispatch channels flexibly.


From small adjus­t­ments for optimiz­a­tion of shipping, through mainten­ance of existing layouts, to comple­tely new developments.
of bank custo­mers have already had negative experi­en­ces with data protection.
of German business enter­pri­ses have poorly imple­men­ted the GDPR.
of Germans consi­der protec­tion of their perso­nal data very important.

Data security

Secure proces­sing and storage of data

Hardly anywhere else do data protec­tion and infor­ma­tion security play such a central role as in the insurance and finan­cial sector. Custo­mers expect respon­si­ble handling of their perso­nal data. The federal finan­cial super­vi­sory autho­rity in Germany closely monitors compli­ance with strict security and data protec­tion standards. Our spectrum of services helps you meet these requi­re­ments fully at all times. At our company’s own compu­ting centre, we store and manage your entire data inven­tory in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Certi­fied accord­ing to ISO 27001:2013

Proac­tive risk and crisis management

Automa­tic deletion

Regular quality control

Revision-proof archi­ving

Compli­ance with obliga­ti­ons to notify

High storage capacity

Data storage and proces­sing in Germany

Data protec­tion and infor­ma­tion security officer

Process optimiz­a­tion

High perfor­mance

Dispatching large quanti­ties often makes timely delivery diffi­cult – a serious problem for sectors bound by legal deadlines. Intel­li­gent paral­le­liz­a­tion enables us to incre­ase compu­ting power, process even large amounts of data quickly and easily, and ensure that your shipments arrive on time.


Quick provi­sion of data

With our Mobile View web app, you can provide data to your custo­mers and employees without encum­be­ring your own struc­tures and resour­ces. The portal solution offers high process security here through perso­na­li­zed regis­tra­tion and login procedures.

Flexi­ble control of dispatch channels

We enable you to freely choose your shipping method accord­ing to the inten­ded recipi­ents, and thus flexi­bly meet your custo­mers’ indivi­dual requi­re­ments – whether classi­cally by post, via e‑mail or through retrie­val from the custo­mer portal.


Standar­di­zed layouts

We offer layout services in all catego­ries: From small adjus­t­ments for optimiz­a­tion of shipping, through mainten­ance of existing layouts, to comple­tely new develo­p­ments jointly with you. This allows your custo­mers to retain a complete overview, even of complex documents.


Easy perso­na­liz­a­tion of documents

Connext Layout Studio enables easy perso­na­liz­a­tion and proces­sing of documents in large volumes. Serving as a basis here is a funda­men­tal layout in corpo­rate design; in combi­na­tion with CSV or XML files, it is supple­men­ted by text modules and graphics as required.

Consis­tent individuality

Our user-friendly web-to-print platform Connext Loop allows your agencies to easily and decen­trally custo­mize centrally created marke­ting materi­als consist­ently in compli­ance with corpo­rate design, and adapt them to local requirements.

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