What we offer

We are convin­ced that the success of our company depends to a large extent on the motiva­tion and commit­ment of our employees. Promo­ting this requi­res more than purely finan­cial incen­ti­ves. Our corpo­rate culture is there­fore built on five key pillars, which are also reflec­ted in our benefits: Trust, flexi­bi­lity, promo­tion, appre­cia­tion and well-being. 

Indivi­dual working
time models

The classic forty-hour week is not always the right working time model for every situa­tion in life. We offer our employees a flexi­ble time policy with indivi­dual hours.


We are convin­ced that physi­cal well-being is a signi­fi­cant success factor and promote it through numerous offerings such as company sports, back schools or ergono­mic worksta­tions with height-adjus­ta­ble desks.

Supple­men­tary health and accident insurance

To paraphrase Karl Valen­tin: The best insurance is the one you never need, but have on hand just in case. That’s why we offer our employees free supple­men­tary health and accident insurance.

pension plan

We want our employees to be well provi­ded for in their old age. That’s why we offer attrac­tive subsi­dies for company pension plans.

Work from
home office

“My home is my castle,” and often the ideal workplace for tasks at hand. Our employees usually have the oppor­tu­nity to work at home once a week.

Regula­ted compen­sa­tory time off

We compen­sate our employees for overtime with additio­nal vacation days. In this way, we ensure that high commit­ment does not have a detri­men­tal effect.

Free drinks, fruit and
lunch allowance

The physi­cal well-being of our employees is close to our hearts. For this reason, we offer free drinks, colorful fruit baskets and an allowance for lunch.

Job bike

We offer our employees a monthly subsidy when purcha­sing a bicycle via JobRad. This benefits the environ­ment, promo­tes health and saves up to 40%.

Vacation care
for child­ren

Working parents want their child­ren to be well taken care of. This is often diffi­cult during the vacation season. We offer child­care for several weeks during the summer vacations.

Conti­nuing educa­tion and in-service studies

The digital trans­for­ma­tion requi­res lifel­ong learning. We promote the profes­sio­nal develo­p­ment of our employees and support conti­nuing educa­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties as well as dual studies.

Events for

We maintain a trusting and colle­gial company culture. Regular, joint events and ventures are the best oppor­tu­nity to get to know each other and streng­then inter­nal bonds.

30 days

“Hey, off to the beach” – or whate­ver you feel like. 30 days of annual vacation is enough time to disco­ver the world or to relax on a balcony.

bonus system

We reward our employees’ perfor­mance through various bonus systems, discount offers, etc.

Logo Familienpakt Bayern

Formware is a member of the Family Pact of Bavaria. Our economy will only conti­nue to be attrac­tive for skilled workers and thus compe­ti­tive in the future if we create a family-friendly climate. The “Familienpakt Bayern” provi­des sugges­ti­ons and infor­ma­tion and offers a platform for exchan­ging ideas with other compa­nies about very speci­fic measures.