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Suppo­sedly steady habits and behaviou­ral patterns are changing rapidly as digitiza­tion progres­ses. People of all ages develop comple­tely new requi­re­ments, especi­ally as regards intui­tive handling and constant availa­bi­lity of products and services. Dialog Bird, Formware’s intel­li­gent chatbot, meets these requi­re­ments while relie­ving your employees.

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of consu­mers want problems solved without phone calls.

of end-users prefer chatbots as the primary commu­ni­ca­tion channel.

of Germans expect compa­nies to be constantly accessible.

Happy employees. Satis­fied customers.

Artifi­cial intel­li­gence through machine learning

Dialog Bird is intel­li­gent and capable of learning. Through artifi­cial intel­li­gence, our chatbot makes life easier for your custo­mers and employees alike – around the clock, and readily in English or Turkish too.

Available 24 hours a day

More and more custo­mers expect to be able to solve problems without phone calls. Dialog Bird answers questi­ons immedia­tely and provi­des requi­red documents automa­ti­cally on request. Custo­mers no longer have to langu­ish in phone queues or wait for answers to e‑mail requests.

More time for creati­vity and empathy

Your employees have more time for complex tasks which require creati­vity and empathy. If neces­sary, they can inter­vene in the chat at any time and give the conver­sa­tion a human touch.

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Maximize utiliza­tion of custo­mer contacts

Increase custo­mer satis­fac­tion through indivi­dual service. Chat histo­ries are automa­ti­cally documen­ted and can be analy­zed to improve service. With this serving as a basis, you can maximize utiliza­tion of every custo­mer contact by respon­ding to indivi­dual needs and placing perso­na­li­zed offers.


Available 24 hours a day

Artifi­cial intelligence

Machine learning


data transfer


Live chat integration

Intui­tive handling

High cost efficiency