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Connext Cube

Connext Cube

Centralised and automated Document Output

The app as a personal online postbox.

Always available

The Connext CUBE cloud enables you to access important documents at anytime and anywhere.

Always secure

Our ISO 27001 certification ensures the highest level of security and protection for your data.

Always transparent

Connext CUBE shows you in detail the status of your orders and shipments and awaits your releasing of orders.

Always effective

Connext CUBE combines consignments for the same receivers and therefore optimizes shipping costs.


All shipping methods

Connext CUBE accepts mail as well as emails or sends a notification that documents are available online.

Easy e-conversion

Connext CUBE makes it easy for your recipients to switch from letter mail to electronic delivery.

Security with eMail Plus

With the optional password protection, you can send your documents even more securely.

Digital archive

In the Connext CUBE archive, your documents are automatically archived and revision-safe.

Ready for CUBE?

Just push the letters into the online CUBE-Cloud

Connext CUBE is simply installed like a printer and replaces the way/walk to the post office - no matter whether you want to send invoices from the merchandise management, payroll or individual letters.

Keep an eye on everything

In the order overviews, you can check your shipments at any time and track and control the shipping status online.